Bo Christian Larsson

Born 1976 in Kristinehamn, Sweden. Lives and works in Älvkarhed, Sweden and Berlin, Germany.


AKI, Academy of visual arts in Enschede, Holland
Specialization in drawing, sculpture and installation art
Guest student at Western Australia’s College of fine arts, Perth, Australia

Selected Solo Shows

Light Traps, Eighteen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Animal Magnetism, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen, Denmark (cat.)

CASTAWAY, TS Art Projects, Berlin, Germany

Ragnarök and other editions, DH-Artworks, Düsseldorf, Germany (cat.)
The Knife as we Know it, Institut für moderne kunst-Nuremberg, Germany
It’s a Vision Thing, Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
A Hole in the Empire, TS Art Projects, Berlin, Germany
Falling Down Redux, Borås Art Museum, Borås, Sweden (cat.)

Rötterna blir starka när det blåser, Christian Larsen Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
The Emperor’s New Thoughts, Ludlow 38, New York City, USA (cat.)
Remote, Gallery Vogt, New York City, USA
Falling Down, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden (cat.)
Falling Down, Kristinehamns Konstmuseum, Sweden (cat.)

Performance (hidden track), Dockville Festival, Hamburg, Germany
Performance (hidden track), VW (VeneKlasen/Werner) Gallery, Berlin, Germany
The Cataclysmic Raft – Out of Harm’s Way, Stiftung kunst:raum sylt quelle, Sylt, Germany (cat.)
Exile in Heartland, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany (cat.)
Still Standing in the Mud of Time, Gallery Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen, Denmark (cat.)
Run to the Hills, Steinle Contemporary, Munich, Germany

Cataclysmic Raft, Performance on Sylt, Kunstraum Sylt Quelle, Sylt, Germany
A White Mess Pt. 2b, Soundfair, Berlin, Germany
Open Space, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
The Intruder, Tongewoelbe T25, Ingolstadt, Germany

Drifting Across That Thin Line, Steinle Contemporary, Munich, Germany
For Earthly Things…, Magazin4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria (cat.)

Silverscreams, Gallery Gad, Oslo, Norway
What was done in the dark will be brought to the light, Galerie Florian Walch, Munich, Germany (cat.)

An Itchy Howl Under a Skin Coloured Moon, Von Maltzahn Fine Arts, Munich, Germany
A mediocre squirt in a commonplace tilts the real, Gallery GAD, Oslo, Norway

Oil for food, Fuel for fools, Off Space Du Ag, Munich, Germany

Selected Group Shows

MINE, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
20th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney NSW (cat.)
Time Lies – KIK Seven, Kino International, Berlin
Navigare necesse est – Seefahrt tut Not, Schaufenster, Berlin
Borås – Västerås Tur och Retur, Västerås konstmuseum, Västerås
Tech 4 Change, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen (cat.)
Alma Löv Museum CIA, Östr. Ämtervik, Sweden (cat.)
Stipend Exhibition, Teater Galleriet, Off Konsten, Uppsala
All creatures small and great, C.H.ART Christina Haubs, Munich
Alma Löv Museum CIA, Östr. Ämtervik
Grooving Images, TS Art Projects, Berlin
Borås International Sculpture Biennale, Borås (cat.)
Protect me From What I am, Galerie Dina Renninger, Munich
Skoteinos, Pavillion, Bad Gastein
Skoteinos, Worldroom 42, Munich
About Sculpture #2, Gallery Rolando Anselmi, Berlin
Symphonie Plastique, Le Carré de Vincennes, Vincennes
Drive the Change, 100plus, Zurich

Overcoming History, Galerie Schmidt-Handrup, Berlin
Overcoming History, Galerie Schmidt-Handrup, Cologne
Approdo al futuro, Palazzo Orlando, Livorno
New Positions, Art Cologne, Cologne
Welovepaintings, DH-Artworks, Düsseldorf
Manche mögen’s schwer, DH-Artworks, Düsseldorf

himmelgrau., Galerie Bezirk Oberbayern, Munich (cat.)
Im Raum des Betrachters / Skulptur der Gegenwart, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
EORUM SANAI, Arario Gallery, Cheonan
Socle du Monde Biennale, Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Herning
Falling From Grace – Junge Schwedische Kunst, Rostock Kunsthalle

Jahresgaben 2011, Kunstverein München, Munich
Jahresgaben 2011, Braunschweiger Kunstverein, Braunschweig
Hot Spot Berlin, Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin
The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Magic Truths, D21 Art Space, Leipzig
Colliding Discourses, Shiryaevo Biennal, Samara (cat.)
Eyes Wide Shut, Vogt Gallery, New York
Into the Wildwoods, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen
Unlängst im Wald, Bayerische Staatsforsten, Regensburg (cat.)

Jahresgaben 2010, Kunstverein München, Munich (cat.)
# 5 neunundneunzig, Im Namen des Raumes, Berlin
Zum ersten Mal, Art‐Report Projects at Galerie K4, Munich
Dirty Dozen, Grimmuseum Berlin
Peter Riss – system of duplicity, Bo Christian Larsson – system of a clone, Weltraum, Munich
Petersburg, Available Works at HBC, Karl‐Liebknecht‐Str. 9, Berlin
Hayward Closure Poster Project, Hayward Gallery, London
Tales from the forest, Virserums Konsthall, Virserum
Gegenüber und Miteinander, Kunstprojekt auf dem Weg zum ÖKT 2010, Munich (cat.)

Jahresgaben 2009, Kunstverein München, Munich (cat.)
Interesting Productions, The Office, Berlin
Walking in my mind, Hayward Gallery, London (cat.)
Extra Extra, China Art Objects Galleries, Los Angeles
Minton’s Playhouse, Artnews Projects, Berlin (cat.)

Jahresgaben 2008, Kunstverein München, Munich (cat.)
Indifference, Forum Kreuzberg, Skalitzer Str. 133, Berlin
The Waste Land, Caravan Berlin, Berlin
Out there somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Galerie der Künstler, Munich
Favoriten 2008, Kunstbau, Lenbachhaus, Munich (cat.)
Interesting Productions III, The Fortress of Day and Night, ZK‐Max, Munich
Hell‐O‐World pt. 1 (Sweden), Happening in Kristinehamns Konstförening, Kristinehamn
Toy‐Void, A perfomative identity project as a part of “Doing Identity”, Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich
Interesting Productions II, shown in the collection of Lenbachhaus, Munich

Königskinder, Residenzmuseum, Munich
B.Line, Ter Caemer‐Meert Contemporary, Nieuwerke
Our House Reverbed, performance in „Nachtlinie“, Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich
I can eat that, Providence RI

Interesting Productions II, three person show at Lothringer 13, Munich
Out, Household and Birds ‐ reinventions of Allan Kaprow’s Happenings as a part of the exhibition ”Allan Kaprow, Kunst als Leben” at Haus der Kunst, Munich (cat.)
Daydream Demolition (a speculation), performance as a part of the theater piece ”Bunny Hill 2”; directed by Peter Kastenmueller, Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich
Bonnie Prince German, Low Salt Gallery, Glasgow
Panic, our older brother, Gallery ALM, Munich

KKK Becomes Santa Redialed, performance as a part of the exhibition ”Künstlerbrüder”, Haus der Kunst, Munich
Imagen, luz y sonido para el desarollo, Centre civic Barceloneta, Barcelona
Copy your idol, Organized by the Berlin Foundation of Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Berlin Pankow, Berlin
KKK Becomes Santa and Santa Becomes KKK, performance in the exhibition “Experiment Dunstkreis“, Westendstr., Munich
On a road to permanent demonstration, “Utopia Station” in World Social Forum, Porto Alegre
If Spider‐Man is real, so is utopia!, Performance in ”Utopia Station”, Haus der Kunst, Munich

Voids and Fillings, Kellereingang Ost of Haus der Kunst, Munich
Young artist, Kristinehamns konstmuseum, Kristinehamn

Now and then, Kristinehamns konstmuseum, Kristinehamn

Grants and Awards

Swedish Arts Council Artist Stipend, Stockholm, Sweden

VHV-Gruppe, Artist of the year, Hannover, Germany

Premio Combat 2012 Prize, Livorno, Italy (category painting)

Kunst:Raum Sylt Quelle, artist in residence, Sylt, Germany

Philipp Otto Runge Residency Scholarship, Hamburg, Germany

Musik im öffentlichen Raum, Kulturreferat München, Munich, Germany

Young artist, Kristinehamns konstmuseum, Kristinehamn, Sweden

Public Collections

VHV, Hannover, Germany
Borås Konstmuseum, Borås, Sweden
FRAC Ile‐de‐France, Le Plateau, Paris, France
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Kupferstichkabinett, Hamburg, Germany
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München, Munich, Germany
Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany
Kristinehamns Konstmuseum, Kristinehamn, Sweden
Statoil Hydro Collection, Oslo, Norway

Selected Publications


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Bo Christian Larsson, Ludlow 38, New York City, USA
Bo Christian Larsson, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden
Bo Christian Larsson, Kristinehamns Konstmuseum, Sweden

Falling From Grace – Junge Schwedische Kunst, Rostock Kunsthalle, Germany
Colliding Discourses, Shiryaevo Biennal, Samara, Russia
Unlängst im Wald, Bayerische Staatsforsten, Regensburg, Germany
Cataclysmic raft – out of harms way, Stiftung Kunstraum Sylt Quelle, Hamburg, Germany
Bo Christian Larsson, Gallery Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen, Denmark
“100” by Francesca Gavin, published by Laurence King, London, UK
Bo Christian Larsson, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany

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Das ist Programm, steinle contemporary, Munich, Germany, pp. 34‐39
Gegenüber und Miteinander (exhibition booklet), Munich, Germany, pp. 22‐23

Bo Christian Larsson “For Earthly Things Were Turned Into Watery, And The Things That Before Swam In The Water, Now Went Upon The Ground”, published by Magazin4 – Bregenzer Kunstverein, Austria
Walking in my mind, Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London, UK, pp. 76‐87
Bo Christian Larsson, On and on is how we are, Monograph, published by Argo Books, Berlin, Germany
Minton’s Playhouse, caravan Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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2007 / 08
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